Truth Amplified Modern Palmistry
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Truth Amplified Palmistry

What is Palmistry?

As the first form of psychology, Palmistry is a universal language.  It is a powerful method of self-discovery with roots in every ancient civilization.  It is referenced in the Old Testament, the Koran, Chinese medical texts, and the Indian Vedas (as a profession in 2000 BCE).  

With more nerves between the hand and the brain than between any other two points of the nervous system--it is plain to see how our thinking has a powerful influence on the course of our lives.  

Advances in genetics, psychology and forensics (e.g. fingerprint technology) have propelled Palmistry into the modern age. Medical researchers studying skin patterns (dermatoglyphics), have discovered a correspondence between genetic abnormalities and unusual markings on the hand.

If you know how to decipher the content of the hands you can cultivate understanding and compassion for people all over the world. The hands tell us how one is doing in the many areas of life, for example:

What are the resources available to you?

Where do you seem to be heading?

What needs improvement?

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Palm Reading isn’t Fortune Telling


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There has never been a time when spirituality was not paramount in my life. Implicitly tutored in the principles and practices of esoteric study, I sought to balance that knowledge by studying Psychology in a formal manner and dedicating years of my life to researching the ancient art of Palmistry, otherwise known as Hand Analysis. 

I do not declare myself a psychic, though intuition plays a distinct role, it does not dominate my course of action. I approach divination as a science whereby I devote time and care to rational analysis. I encourage my clients to do the same in order to create an environment of empowerment and sustainable growth.

I utilize tools of divination to examine what is available to be understood more clearly. One might believe they know their personal life story but we are often extraordinarily biased; too close to see what is really there.  A session with me enables one to view their story with increased perspective.  I steady a bright spotlight upon your path so that the way becomes illuminated.

Helping others to discover their own strengths and answers to their most troubling questions gives me great joy. I delight in my service helping questing souls find their own way every day.  Together we learn and we grow. 



“With oracle-like clarity, Madison cut to the heart of my soul’s authentic expression giving me practical insight. Modern Palmistry helped me expand and receive validation regarding my unique work in the world. I learned about ways in which I am already showing up in my life with authenticity and strength. I was gently challenged to move toward my edge with boldness. Worth every penny.”
— Jamie Winter Dawson Visual Artist Fine & Therapeutic Arts Educator Creativity Coach
“I’ve seen a therapist on and off since I was about 15. The time I spent with Madison was more effective than any other person I have ever spoken to. She has such a talent.
— Jill A
“I’m a nationally-known psychic & hard to impress. During my session with Madison I was astonished and humbled by the accuracy and clarity she provided. Madison is the avenue to exquisite insight. She’s the real deal.”
— Steve MacDonald


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